Matrix Wand

Matrix was founded in 2003 with headquarters at 1725 Vortex Avenue in Salina, KS. Matrix developed the “Matrix Wand,” an exclusive, patented, stereoscopic 3-D computerized measuring system designed specifically to solve the problems associated with vehicle blueprinting, collision repair and documentation. The Wand delivers extraordinary speed and accuracy and will pay back the investment in record time. Matrix Wand Technology: Enter the world of unlimited vehicle measurements. Quickly produce highly accurate blueprints. Specialized software allows you to measure and produce 3-D maps of damage for any part or place on any vehicle. • Documented 3-D data in 15 minutes! • More complete DFR process • Accurate estimate 1st time • One parts order including suspension! • No suspension guesswork • Vehicle aligns first time • Fewer supplements • Get paid more accurately • Verify used parts quality • No more “trial & error” repair • Fewer rental days • Faster cycle times • Better CSI and KPI scores! • Greater trust & transparency • Unknown damage is now known!

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