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Matthew McDonnell

Owner, Big Sky Collision Center and A&D Auto Body

Matthew McDonnell has been cultured by the collision industry all his life. His father, Matt McDonnell, a 50-year industry veteran, founded Big Sky Collision Center in Billings, Mont., in 1978. Matthew is proud to call his father his best friend and greatest mentor. Matthew has served as the President of Big Sky Collision Center since 2013. He recognized a difference in leadership style and became the primary owner of the family business in 2015. Since then, the company has added two more stores, A&D Auto Body in Bozeman, Mont., and Crash Repair in Livingston, Mont., which now comprises the Big Sky Collision Network (BSCN). Matthew’s current role at the BSCN has allowed him the unique opportunity to work on developing his business’s impact on the industry, rather than on the day-to-day operations; this has allotted him the opportunity to pursue many diverse boards, mentoring and consulting programs, and community service initiatives.


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