Tom Bemiller
Job Title
The Aureus Group
Tom Bemiller is the Founder and CEO of The Aureus Group, a three-shop operation outside of Philadelphia. Tom started in the industry at 14 and has been in the industry full-time since earning a Bachelor of Science at the University of Notre Dame in 2004 and an MBA in 2007 from Villanova University. “I decided to make a career in this business because I think working in this industry sucks and I can help fix it.” At The Aureus Group, it is not about fixing cars, it’s about fixing the way we fix cars. Tom believes that if he can improve the repair experience for the men and women on the front lines, the ones doing the work, he will also improve the repair experience for his customers. “We have one goal at The Aureus Group - to create the best company anyone can work for in this industry."
Tom Bemiller