Louie Sharp
Job Title
The Gifted Leader
Louie is a nationally renowned, world-class keynote speaker with over 14 years of professional speaking experience. He has been seen on NBC, ABC, a variety of Podcasts, and has delivered keynote speeches for distinguished companies such as DuPont, Edward Jones, Sage, FenderBender, Axalta and many others across the country. He consults and coaches CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners across the country as well.
He served 20 years in the US Marines. His service included travel to 21 countries guarding American Embassies and crew chief/door gunner on Huey Helicopters.
He was the Vice President of Sales for Sound Enhancements, a multimillion-dollar global music product company.
Add a successful business owner in his own right, Louie has started, bought & sold companies and real estate. He started his first company at 23 and 41 years later it’s still going strong.
He also donates his time mentoring high school students and speaking about leadership, self-confidence and success to the less fortunate, students and the abused.
His forth coming book is called “The Gifted Leader-Leadership and Love—You CAN Lead from Your Heart for ALL to Win!”
Louie Sharp